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Our Story

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Welcome to the She Summits Forum.


We're on a mission to elevate and ignite the untapped potential within 1 million self-identifying women.


We work with individuals and organizations to support women's growth and wellbeing, reduce stress and burnout, and facilitate female leadership and development.


We do this through powerful short films, curated content, coaching, connection to nature, and community.

Join our thriving membership community to ignite your untapped potential, deepen your connection to nature, and find people who want to see you succeed.

Our mission is to elevate and empower 1 million women by 2025 and ignite the untapped potential within themselves.

Our vision is for all self-identifying women to feel supported, confident, and empowered within themselves, their communities, and their workplaces so they can reach their own life summits.


Our story

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In 2020, we grew our impact, hosting 11 community events and 3 film events, reaching over 2300 participants, and showcasing more than 30 inspiring short films.



She Summits began in 2019 as a multi-generational community film festival and events celebrating the female spirit and supported by major brands like Arc’teryx,, Nature’s Path, Rip Curl, and more.



We took the contagious energy of our events and wrapped it up in a gorgeous new membership platform available to Individuals and Organizations. Join our purpose-driven platform to support your growth and wellbeing, deepen your connection to nature, and find meaningful community.



We’re Laura and Danielle,

Co-Founders of the She Summits Forum: a purpose-driven community to support your growth and wellbeing. We provide you with the guidance, tools, powerful short films, and connections to ignite your untapped potential, deepen your connection to nature, and reach your goals.

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   van der Veer

Laura has 20+ years of experience as a community builder, small business mentor, and business development specialist.

An expert in community engagement, special events, public relations, and strategic partnerships, she’s also a long-time volunteer mentor for The Forum’s Mentor Program for women entrepreneurs.

Her work has empowered women leaders across dozens of companies and industries, including consumer goods, travel, outdoors, and female-founded start-ups.



Danielle is a community builder, communications and membership specialist, and life and leadership coach.


Her expertise in communications and membership engagement, content creation, and personal development has propelled She Summits to become the #1 community to support your growth and wellbeing.


Passionate about empowering and connecting women, she also created Renew Retreats - the top hiking retreats for women in B.C. - to build women’s confidence, create community, provide education, and support more women in getting outdoors.

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Igniting the untapped potential within women

to create conscious change in the world.
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Shannon Lorenz 

Community Builder and Consultant

The Locals Board

Shannon Lorenz is a Community Builder and Consultant who helps small business owners gain clarity, build confidence, and create communities for sustainable growth. She’s the creator of the Level Up Mastermind for women entrepreneurs, co-founder of Refresh Market, and owner of The Locals Board

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Tess Sloane



Tess is a certified Meditation teacher, co-founder of ElevenEleven Talent, a regular speaker at Universities, Women Events and HR Conferences. Tess is committed to the conversation of remaining deeply connected to your purpose and the continued development of your whole self.

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Susan Flynn

Director of Social Media

Plastic Oceans International

Susan is a content creator and social media manager. Formerly trained as an audiologist, Susan pivoted to content creation after experiencing success with her own personal Instagram account. Susan is the Director of social media for Plastic Oceans International, a non-profit organization whose goal is to end plastic pollution, with over 300,000 followers worldwide. Susan also manages several LinkedIn social media accounts and considers this platform her specialty. 

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A few partners who share our vision and values

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