Please read the details below.


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. We recommend you registering sooner than later to ensure you’re ready to start right at 7pm and we have our groups divided for the breakout sessions. 


Please watch Life of Pie and Intentional, both linked below for you. These films are what we are basing much of our event on and are important to watch if you’d like to maximize your experience.

Be sure to enter the draw to win a Ripcurl Flashbomb Wetsuit, a Spud gift certificate and a She Summits Journal Set; we will announce the winners at the end of our event. Winners must be present to win. Link to enter is in your email.

Be sure to have a journal or some paper and pen/pencil available to make notes for yourself during the breakout sessions. 


If you’re feeling unfamiliar with Zoom and want to be sure you know how to navigate the system during the call, HERE are some tutorials for you.


Call Quality 

You will be muted upon entry to the call. We are using Zoom Meetings and not Webinar, so please do not unmute yourself until you are in your breakout room.


To ensure our call connection(s) are great, we ask that you close all applications on your computer other than Zoom.




If you have any questions during the event, please refer to the Zoom support centre HERE first and if you’re not able to get your question answered, please email hello@shesummits.org


If you’re having troubles during the event and you can’t find your emails from us, you can go to the event page on our website that you purchased your ticket from; we will offer some details for you here. 


Breakout Rooms


You can expect to be in a small group with one facilitator leading your discussion. The Corker Co’s Cecily Elmas has created the questions for us to work through in each of the groups. You will be welcomed to share as little or as much as you would like. You’ll be encouraged to take notes in your journal, so please have that ready for the call. 


You will be muted during the first half of the event and so when you move to your breakout room, you can unmute yourself.

You will not need to click on anything to enter the breakout room and we will take care of you existing your breakout room. If for some reason you’re not happy in your room or you’re having a difficult time, please notify your moderator who will be identified within your room and they will communicate with us to get you sorted as best we can. 


Chat Rooms


There is a chat room available that pops up on the side of your page  and your breakout room chat will not transfer to the main room, so what you share there will remain there. Also, to make people feel more comfortable in the chat rooms, we are not going to save 


Arc'Teryx Draw Prize

Stay tuned for our follow up email to enter a draw to win an Arc’Teryx Arro 20 Bucket Bag (worth $170). 


Follow Up Self-Leadership Questions


You’ll be receiving more questions via email designed by Cecily Elmas of The Corker Co. on self-leadership that you’ll be able to work on in your journal at home, so don’t miss that email.