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Our guest experts

our guest experts


Our content contributors and guest experts on the
She Summits Forum membership platform

Resident  Experts

Trish tuton.jpg

Trish Tutton

Speaker and Mindfulness Teacher specializing in Employee Wellness and Engagement

Danielle Buchanan

Danielle Buchanan

Registered Clinical Counselor and Owner of Shifting Narratives Counseling

SS Bio Photo.jpeg

Thara Vayali 

Women's Health Advisor, Speaker, and Mind/Body Medicine Expert

Guest Contributors


Rebecca Vigelius

Copywriter & Digital Marketing Strategist 

tess sloane_edited.jpg

Tess Sloane

Co-Founder of ElevenEleven Talent, Certified Meditation Teacher, and Speaker


Andrea & Adele Helleman

Creator and Photographer and Owner of Maven Business + Brand Development, Sister and Down Syndrome Force Adele

Shannon Lorenz.jpg

Shannon Lorenz

Community Builder and Consultant, Owner of The Locals Board, Founder of Garibaldi Events, and Creator of the Level Up Mastermind


Fadwa Bouziane

Performance Artist and Cast Member of Nature Entwined


Eliza Butler

Counselor, Breathwork and Meditation Therapist, and Founder of Eliza B.well

Danielle Boyd.jpg

Danielle Boyd

Physiotherapist, Functional Neurology Expert, Owner of The Balanced Collective 

Catherine Roscoe Barr.jpg

Catherine Roscoe Barr

Neuroscience-based Wellness Coach, Founder of The Life Delicious


Lola Tsai Small

Women's Empowerment Coach, Author, and Social Activist and Co-Founder of Black Lives Rising Media


Jacinthe Koddo

Business Financial Coach and Founder & CEO of Koodo and Co.

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