She Summits Film Event

Join us for a night of films that celebrate the incredible strength, courage and grace of womxn who are making beautiful change in the world. 

Thursday, October 17th

7pm - 9:30pm

Centennial Theatre

2300 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver


$20 Adult Ticket

$18 Youth Ticket (under 18)

$18 Senior Ticket

Can you buy a Pay it Forward Ticket for someone else? Let's help get some people into this event who can't quite pull it off on their own. Learn more below.

We'll travel to Japan to witness ancient traditions being made more inclusive; we'll visit Cambodia to witness how Indigenous people struggle to hold on to their old ways of living; we'll watch women in Bolivia summit mountains nobody thought they could; we'll see the most stunning ocean life in the French Polynesian Islands; we'll meet two unconventional women who have helped to reshape one of the state’s most conservative towns; we'll meet First Nations people working together to save Bears Ears National Monument through connecting to one another and to the land; and more!

This is a night for our community (all genders) to join together to feel the power of the womxn in these films - a night to be inspired by what others are doing and perhaps take the first step or even bigger steps towards creating the change that you want to see in the world. 

Age Recommendation:

There will be no profanity and topics are appropriate for most children; however, the content may not engage younger children. The event will run until 9:30pm. Ideal ages = ~8+ to 100.

Pay it Forward Tickets:

Add a ticket to your order for someone who can't afford to come.

Want to come, but it doesn't fit into this month's budget? Our community may have your back here. Be sure to contact Arianna at  Centennial Theatre, 604-983-6457,  to apply for a Pay It Forward Ticket.  


Note: We'll be raising money for Elizabeth through One Girl Can again and have some absolutely incredible draw prizes, so be sure to enter to win. Feel free to donate HERE at anytime as entry to the draw is not dependent upon donations. We're just upping the game of generosity in hope that you help us help Elizabeth.


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She Summits

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