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She Summits

for Organizations

Created by women, for women

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Why She Summits?

Businesses are faced with rising attrition rates, significant turnover, and people

not wanting to return to work.

The world of work has changed and women want more from their workplaces.

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Take one bold step to create a workplace where all self-identifying women feel valued.

A purpose-driven content platform and online community.

Fulfills your organization’s commitment to female leadership and mentorship, employee wellbeing and stress reduction.

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your whole organization wins

When your female employees feel empowered, engaged, and excited,

Higher employee retention and lower turnover rates

Increased employee productivity

Better team performance and more cohesive team

Increased revenue

Lower absenteeism

Less workplace stress and lower risk of burnout

Strengthened loyalty to organization

More women leaders driving progress

This is not

just another empowerment or inspiration hub.

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She Summits for Organizations

She Summits for Organizations is an all-in-one solution to fulfill your organization’s commitment to female leadership and mentorship, employee wellbeing and stress reduction, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

A cutting-edge, purpose-driven content platform and online community to empower your female employees and support their growth for higher job satisfaction, engagement, and retention rates.

Content is thoughtfully created and curated by She Summits with your employees and company success in mind.

Learn more about the She Summits Forum team.


What's included on our
membership platform? 

We help you help self-identifying women take action, make progress, and experience lasting change and growth through content and real connections that include:

We have invested in our own network and custom built the She Summits for Organizations platform.

Access is exclusively for members.

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Here’s what’s possible with She Summits

"The team at She Summits has been absolutely incredible to work with. Not only do they share incredible films, but the personalized way they create an immersive virtual viewing experience was outstanding."
- Sarah, Vitruvi Co-Founder and CEO
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A few partners who share our vision and values

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Transform your workplace
for less than the cost of one corporate lunch per quarter

Sign-up today and get access to She Summits for Organizations beginning February 1.

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0 to 25 employees

$ 175 / month</