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She Summits

for Organizations

Purpose-driven community platform
Created by women, for women

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The Problem

A global pandemic has impacted the workforce with lower engagement and higher levels of stress and burnout. Companies are in the thick of a Great Resignation and feeling the strain on their bottom line.

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Why it matters?

  • For every $1 invested in employee wellbeing, corporations save $4 through greater productivity and improved staff health

  • Companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable

  • Strong company culture can increase your revenue by more than 4 times

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your whole organization wins

When your female employees feel empowered, engaged, and excited,

Higher employee retention and lower turnover rates

Increased employee productivity

Better team performance and more cohesive team

Increased revenue and greater profitability

Lower absenteeism

Less workplace stress and lower risk of burnout

Strengthened loyalty to organization

More women leaders driving progress

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For only $18 monthly per employee you'll retain more staff, reduce burnout, and increase profitability


She Summits for Organizations

The She Summits Forum is an interactive and purpose-driven platform and a focused solution to retain, engage, and champion your female employees.

Our platform helps organizations:

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Offer meaningful employee appreciation

  • Reduce burnout

  • Support female leadership and development

We do this through high quality educational content, powerful short films, coaching, connection to nature, live events, and meaningful community.

Created by women for women our platform is:

  • Easy to use and onboarding is seamless for organizations

  • The user chooses how, when, and where they want to engage 

  • The platform connects women online and offline through live events

  • Price of membership is low at $18 per month per employee but the impact is high


What's on our
purpose-driven community platform? 

The She Summits Forum is an interactive and purpose-driven platform and focused solution to retain, engage, and champion your female employees. We do this through powerful short films, high quality content, coaching, live events, connection to nature, and community.

Short Films

We curate unique female-centric short films designed to engage and inspire employees, spark dialogue, and amplify female voices. Three new powerful short films are added on the 22nd of every month.

Live Events

​​Our platform hosts monthly events to build community, learn something new, and provide a safe space for dialogue and networking. Monthly events include: Panel Discussion, Film and Book Club, Coaching Workshop, and Nature-Based Workshop.


Our platform provides live virtual coaching, tools and resources to support personal growth and female leadership & development.


We work with industry-leading speakers to bring employees exclusive workshops on topics like mental health and burnout.


Our platform uses nature-based content, speakers, resources, and data-backed forest therapy exercises to reduce stress.


Members get access to our growing vault of tools, articles, and resources to help you reach your goals, deepen your connection to nature, and improve your wellbeing.


Our role is to provide analytics back to the organizations to improve their retention and engagement rates.


In 2022, the She Summits Forum will be donating a portion of proceeds from She Summits for Organizations to Girl in the Wild. Girl in the Wild creates and runs free confidence-boosting camps with an adventure-based curriculum for self-identifying teenage girls. 

We have invested in our own network and custom built the She Summits for Organizations platform.

Access is exclusively for members.

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Here’s what’s possible with She Summits

"The team at She Summits has been absolutely incredible to work with. Not only do they share incredible films, but the personalized way they create an immersive virtual viewing experience was outstanding."
- Sarah, Vitruvi Co-Founder and CEO
Transform your workplace

Transform your workplace
for less than the cost of one corporate lunch per quarter

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She Summits for Organizations.

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Our plans

We have plans to suit organizations of all shapes and sizes.

For Teams

5 - 100 users

The self-service route for smaller teams and organizations allows you to get started in minutes.

 $18 per month per employee

For Business

101+ users

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