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Access from now until December 31, 2020
Meet our She Summits' Leaders
Laura van der Veer + Dr. Carla Cupido


We love connecting people. In addition to our love for connecting people, we love connecting people with amazing information and opportunities. 


This is why we've created our membership, to offer our community access to the things we value deeply and hope you do to. 

We hope we get to connect with you in our live community, in addition to this shared online archive of offerings.

Movement Class Archive

Our weekly class recordings are growing in number and in diversity. From our Wednesday classes with Dr. Carla Cupido to our movement classes with our incredible guest teachers, all of our recorded classes will be made available on our member page. As of September 30th we have 13 x 1 hour classes for you already and can't wait to bring you more! 

Online Film Event (1 Single Pass)

You will be given access to our next online film event, which will be full of incredible films and bonus materials.


Get access to all that's listed above and prepare for more to come as we develop more for 2021!

Access from now until December 31, 2020

[Value >$100]

Our community is something else. Come join in on more of what we're up to. Movement sessions, online event, guest classes, and live chats, we cannot wait to meet you! 

Join our incredible community.

Access from now until December 31, 2020