Life of Pie

2019 USA / Duration: 12 mins Directed by: Ben Knight, Travis Rummel

When Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller moved to the tiny, conservative high desert town of Fruita, Colorado almost twenty years ago it was not on the map as far as mountain biking was concerned. It was a small and tight knit community without much economic vitality. Jen and Anne have left an inedible imprint on Fruita — at the outset they were on the fringe and a bit ostracized, they’re now at the very heart and soul of the community. When Jen and Anne arrived, Fruita was still underground as far as a mountain bike destination, but now it’s as renowned to cyclists as Moab, UT. Unlike Moab, Fruita isn’t just known for it’s riding – you go there to eat hot pie. Jen and Anne weren’t shy about using their lesbian innuendos to sell pizza, even from the beginning. Slogans like ‘friends let friends eat hot pie’ and ‘we snatch kisses and vice versa’ were on free stickers by the cash register even when Fruita wasn’t quite ready for it. Jen is a former competitive BMX rider and World Cup downhill mountain biker and Anne is a contributing photographer for Bike magazine, so when they’re not slinging pizza until they literally run out of dough you’ll find them out riding their favorite loops with their dogs.