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Welcome to the Next Evolution of She Summits

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Welcome to our new website and the next evolution of She Summits: the She Summits Forum.

We're on a mission to elevate and ignite the untapped potential within 1 million self-identifying women by 2025. We do this through powerful short films, curated content, connection to nature, and community.

Learn more about our thriving membership community to ignite your untapped potential, deepen your connection to nature, and find people who want to see you succeed.

Our mission: to elevate and empower 1 million self-identifying women by 2025 and ignite the untapped potential within themselves.

Our vision: for all self-identifying women to feel supported, confident, and empowered within themselves, their communities, and their workplaces so they can reach their own life summits.

Where we’ve come from:

She Summits was created to ignite the leadership within women to rise within themselves and their communities, creating conscious change in the world. We began in 2019 as a multi-generational community film festival and events celebrating the female spirit, igniting passion, and providing tools for our participants to be the change.

In 2020, we grew our impact, hosting 11 community events and 3 film events, and showcasing more than 30 inspiring short films.

Who we are today:

In 2021, we expanded our offerings, took the contagious energy of our events, and wrapped it up in a gorgeous new platform: the She Summits Membership available to individual and organizations. We continue to support our community through curated content, powerful short films, nature-based events, and real connections. Learn more.

How you can get involved:

Follow along on social media for inspiring content, complimentary short films, our weekly Tuesday Talks, and more.

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive tools and resources to support your growth and be the first to know about upcoming events.

Join us in-person at an outdoors Clearer Path Workshop for a grounding forest walk and goal-setting workshop in nature.

Get your organization involved and take one bold step to create a workplace where all women feel valued.

Apply to be a guest content contributor or volunteer board advisor to support us in our growth.

We’re so glad you’re here! As always, if you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

-Laura and Danielle, Co-Founders

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