USA | 2020 | 9 MINUTES

TranSending follows the journey of Erin Parisi as she comes into her own identity as a Transgender woman and trains for the Seven Summits to create awareness and visibility for the Trans community.

This is a journey of extensive vulnerability, heartbreak and courage. TranSending showcases the vulnerable journey into self discovery as experienced by Erin Parisi, the first Trans Woman to take on the 7 Summits.

FROM DIRECTOR, MAIRIN HART : I first learned about Erin Parisi's goal to climb all the 7 summits from an article in Outside Magazine. In the article Erin states, "You can't accuse me of hiding if I'm standing on the top of every mountain of every continent saying, 'Here I am,". This line really stuck with me. Being a female director in the queer community, my goal is to give a voice and a platform to people with outstanding goals that can teach a universal lesson to all. Erin Parisi didn't necessarily want to be visible, but the trans community needs a role model like her as a spokesperson. I am honored to be a part in help tell her story to the masses.

NARRATIVE – Erin Parisi

Running. Hiding. Fearing myself. These words defined three decades of my life. Knowing that I was transgender from childhood provided a lifetime of witnessing transgender people forced to live in shadows.

​Through visibility, awareness and education we hope to expand athletic opportunities for trans people and create safe places in the outdoors and sports where trans people can gain vital life skills. The world has often celebrated the successes of, and mourned the loss of, those who aspired to lift their communities through mountaineering. In many ways I hope to do the same. Trans people often face grave social implications from suicide, drug abuse, violence and poverty. In sports a positive narrative we can created a positive and hope that nobody will ever have to face the isolation I faced for fear that they cannot live both a healthfully and happy life in transition.

Having spent my life relegated to shadows, I now see these summits as the only places where no shadows exist. These places represent the highest points where I can stand unashamed, strong and confidant in who I am, and announce to the world “I will not hide!”