Why does She Summits exist? 

We exist to awaken and activate the untapped potential within those who identify as female to create conscious change in the world.

What is She Summits?


She Summits is a community festival that focuses on the contributions of those who identify as female to important social and environmental conversations through movement-based films, workshops and events. 

How does She Summits do this?


She Summits connects to the head and to the heart of our community. By creating awareness and educating on critical issues and through emotionally connecting with the heart, we activate the passion needed for change.



We want those who identify as females to feel that they have the ability to act independently and make their own free choices. When you combine awareness and agency, we believe we will experience a more harmonious world for all and with Mother Earth.



Our community is composed of all genders and is multi-generational. We believe that the conversations we have at She Summits are for all to have and when our community works together, more female-identifying people will be empowered to take action where their passion lies.



We’re committed to raising awareness around environmental issues and helping those who identify as females connect more deeply with Mother Nature, for when those who identify as females care about the environment and feel a sense of agency within themselves, they will make positive change.



Movement differs for everyone and especially across the globe. It’s important for us to acknowledge the many forms of movement that exist in the world because with this, we become awakened to ideas that may activate change.



When education is combined with present-moment awareness, we believe that better decisions will be made to serve those in our world and Mother Earth herself.