April 2019 Speakers


At the age of 58, Lynn Hill brings to us stories of wisdom from her decades of experience as a rock climber, as a woman changing the landscape of gender equality in adventure sport, and as a mother.


Being the first person on the planet to free climb The Nose in Yosemite, which has been considered one of the most momentous moments in climbing history, Lynn has obviously been pushing boundaries that we’ve all benefited from. This legend’s multimedia presentation will make you feel like you can ascend any summit you dream of.

Photo Credit: Meghan Fenton



This speaker is sixteen years-old and is living a life she truly loves. Redbull and Ripcurl surfer Mathea Olin opens up about what it’s like to be a professional surfer while still in high school. Mathea shares with us stories of success and stories of challenge, but what runs through her entire presentation is a groundedness and wisdom that is atypical of a sixteen year-old.


Children, teenagers, parents and grandparents will be inspired by Mathea’s message to live our lives doing the things we love as this insightful teenager believes that’s the recipe for living a great life.

Photo Credit: Bryanna Bradley 


Fear is something we’re all faced with on a daily basis, some greater fears than others. Photojournalist turned female-centric surf photographer, Bryanna Bradley, shares with us her story of learning how to navigate fear. This relatable story has been paired with stunning imagery Bryanna herself has captured while in the deep and often ferocious ocean.


Whether you’re a surfer, a photographer, or simply a human who can relate to fear holding you back from being your best, this presentation will warm your heart, make you love the females in your life just a little bit harder, and help you realize that with the right relationship with fear you can get through anything!

Photo Credit: Meghan Fenton


Andreane Lanthier Nadeau, or ALN as we know her, is not new to the sport of mountain biking. This phenom is now 25 years-old, but she’s been crushing it on a bike since her teens where she put in many great results over the years on the Cross-Country circuit as a junior, U23, and elite. But, it was her love for trail riding and an obvious talent for riding technical terrain combined with carrying speed that brought her curiosity to enduro. Since this switch to leave her dream for the Olympics to pursue a different path, ALN’s been soaring even higher, she now podiums at the highest level of the discipline, the Enduro World Series. She’s legitimately WOW on a bike - she’s intensely focused, aggressive, and yet smooth as silk.


Sanoa Olin is only 13 years-old and has already been in the top 10 at the PanAm Games and has medals from numerous big title comps. She’s travelled the world to surf amazing waves to places like Hawaii, California, the Maldives, Peru, Portugal, and Japan with her sister.


What I love about both the Olin girls is their love for their family. Sanoa even included her “amazing mom”, her “cute little brother” and the most “inspiring big sister” in her bio notes to me. This teenager knows that as long as she’s by the ocean with the people she loves, she’s “the happiest person in the world”.


Strange how these are the most important lessons in life and sometimes it’s the youngest ones get it best.

Photo Credit: Bryanna Bradley


Andrew Funk has been rock climbing for a little over half his life. Growing up in the Canadian competition climbing community afforded him countless opportunities to meet and work with exceptional athletes, mentors, and coaches of all ages and experiences.


Now living in Vancouver as a member of the Hive Ambassador Team, Andrew continues to be pushed and challenged by some of the Nation's best climbers. Andrew’s impressive physical strength is matched with his calm and methodical head as he ticks V12s and 5.14s off his climbing list. If you’re not a climber, let me tell you - very few people climb that hard.


Jessica O’Dowd will be our moderator for this evening’s conversation. When Laura Appleton, also on the Arc’Teryx team, suggested Jessica for this role, I knew that she’d be perfect. Jessica leads Employee Experience as part of the People & Culture team here at Arc’teryx.

Jessica has been a tremendous support in the creation of tonight’s event. She’s been a hard yes to everything about She Summits. Jess’ work within Arc’Teryx is all about helping people explore their personal purpose and legacy, with the goal of inspiring a life of fulfilment and meaning, all while creating a safe and inclusive space for employees to innovate and thrive.

Photo Credit: Meghan Fenton